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Track record:

  • Created & led CSIRO National Awareness & Flagships communication
  • Future Harvest global strategy
  • CRCA national media initiative
  • 32 awards for journalism      
  • Editor of 2 national and one state newspapers
  • Head of national press bureau
  • 8000+ published articles
  • Over 3000 scientific media releases
  • 1000+ speeches, seminars & broadcasts
  • Founded ScienceAlert, Australasia’s leading science website
  • Founded SciNews, the nation’s #1 science media service
  • Author/editor of eight books

Julian Cribb & Associates

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ph +61 (2) 6242 8770
mob +61 418 639 245
email: jcribb (at) grapevine.com.au
website: http://www.sciencealert.com.au

About JCA
Julian Cribb & Associates was established in 2002 by Julian Cribb, known as one of Australia’s most experienced science communicators and writers, to assist scientific organisations, agencies and companies to deliver their messages more effectively and achieve greater impact from their research.

Since its foundation JCA has provided science communication advice and services to over fifty organisations, including Commonwealth and State Departments, leading universities, ARC Centres of Excellence, Cooperative Research Centres, science funding agencies, international research bodies, global corporations, professional scientific organisations and science conferences.

These services range from complete communication strategy and planning through to implementation. They include the preparation and delivery of media campaigns, media training for scientists, writing and editing of scientific and technical reports and other publications including books and feature articles about scientific issues, preparation of speeches and presentations, customer and public opinion research.

We combine deep experience of the needs and preferences of science and technology organisations and their staff with those of their most important clients in government, industry and the Australian community, enabling us to design cost-effective communication activities that increase the impact of R&D in ways affordable to our customers.

Rather than employ an expensive in-house team of experts we rely on a professional network of associates whose skills cover the full range of communication needs, including TV and radio, publications, web design, opinion research, media distribution etc. This enables us to offer our clients far greater expertise, more flexibly and at a much lower overall cost.

About Julian Cribb
Julian is the principal of JCA, specialists in science communication. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

From 1996-2002 he was Director, National Awareness, for Australia's national science agency, CSIRO where he oversaw a 150 per cent growth in the organisation’s media profile.

A journalist since 1969, he was editor of the "National Farmer" and "Sunday Independent" newspapers, editor-in-chief of the "Australian Rural Times", and chief of the Australian Agricultural News Bureau.  For ten years he was agriculture correspondent, science and technology correspondent and scientific editor for the national daily "The Australian".

He has received 32 awards for journalism including the Order of Australia Association Media Prize, the inaugural Eureka Prize for environmental journalism, the inaugural AUSTRADE award for international business journalism, the Dalgety Award for rural journalism, two MBF Awards for medical journalism and five Michael Daley Awards for science journalism.

He was national foundation president of the Australian Science Communicators (ASC), president of the National Rural and Resources Press Club, a member of CSIRO advisory committees for agriculture, fisheries and entomology.  He has served as a Director of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), the Crawford Fund, the Secretariat for International Landcare, CSIRO Publishing, the Australian Minerals and Energy Environment Foundation and the National Science and Technology Centre, Questacon. He created “Future Harvest” the global public awareness campaign for the CGIAR.

His published work includes more than 8,000 print articles, 1000 broadcasts, 3000 media releases and 300 speeches as well as "The Forgotten Country", six editions of "Australian Agriculture", "The White Death", “Sharing Knowledge” and “Dry Times” (with Mark Stafford-Smith). He is the author of Open Science, a new text on effective scientific and academic communication. His latest book, The Coming Famine (University of California Press, 2010) deals with the challenge of feeding humanity sustainably through the mid-century peak in human numbers and is receiving international attention.


    “I have known Julian for about 7 years and during that period I have benefited greatly from his experience and wisdom in the area of science communication. Julian has had a significant impact on my thinking and the thinking of many others within the CGIAR. Because of Julian's collaboration with us, we have developed a new and effective communications effort. Julian is a clear thinker with a very analytical mind. He combines these characteristics with much experience in the area of science communications and a high level of motivation.”

    - Dr Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Director General, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington DC

    “Mr Cribb has been a significant force in promoting science throughout the community for two decades…he is the author of numerous papers and books and has mentored a great many science communicators.”

    – Hon. Peter McGauran, Minister for AFF

    “For a quarter of a century Professor Cribb has been at the forefront of communicating about science in Australia. He highlights how important it is for people involved in science to explain its benefits for the community. Better communication will improve society's appreciation of innovation.”

    – Queensland Premier Peter Beattie

    “The National Awareness Program of CSIRO stands as somewhat of an icon…. It is therefore quite outstanding that the contribution to public education and awareness of science has in fact almost doubled based on recent innovations in the CSIRO program….I regard the CSIRO Program as a superb example of how things should be done in Australia.”

    - Dr R. Batterham, former Chief Scientist.

    “I note another splendid release written by Julian Cribb. There has been a steady stream of excellent examples of the outcomes of CRC research in recent months from this joint DEST/CRCA project. I am using some of the examples in discussions as to the type of outcomes we expect from leading edge Australian research.”

    – Dr R. Batterham

    “The CSIRO National Awareness program must be considered one of the most effective science awareness initiatives run in the country…CNA demonstrates exceedingly high quality indeed.”

    - Prof. V.Sara, former CEO, Australian Research Council

    “(The) National Awareness Program has been and continues to be most valuable and measurably useful. I have noticed a decided increase in output of appropriate and well-researched material over the past four years.”

    - Desley Blanch, Producer, ABC Innovations

    “The quality of CSIRO National Awareness communication materials and activities are of the highest standard, in my professional view.”

    – Jim McNamara, President, PR Institute of Australia.

    “In the period 1996 to 1999 I was a Deputy Chief Executive in CSIRO and had the pleasure of working with Julian Cribb on many occasions. I am now working in industry and I have to say that from outside the organisation his science promotion effectiveness is even more obvious than it was inside.”

    – Dr R.H.Frater AO, Vice President for Innovation, ResMed Ltd.

    “Julian is a highly creative individual and a great communicator. Julian is a true visionary with respect to the potential role of science in Australia and society and deeply committed to raising the awareness of this potential among the Australian community.”

    - CSIRO Leadership Development Program exit profile
Recommendations from Linked-In:

“Julian's prescient research and publication of The Coming Famine has underlined why he is one of Australia's most accomplished and intelligent science communicators. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Julian over recent years - he is a man of astute, personable and inspirational character.” June 15, 2011
- James Porteous, Managing Editor, Ecos Magazine, CSIRO Publishing
worked directly with Julian at The Coming Famine

“For over three decades Julian has been a leader of scientific communication in Australia in both spoken and written word. He is passionate about it. His research is remarkable and his recent book "The Coming Famine” is a wake-up call to all of us not just scientists, politicians or business people BUT ALL OF US. His presentations will never let you down.” June 6, 2011
- Neil Inall, Board member, Rural Enablers
was with another company when working with Julian at The Coming Famine

“Julian is one of the most erudite authors and articulate public speakers there is when it comes to translating complex scientific matters into language (and challenges) that all can understand.” June 6, 2011
- Richard Bawden, Director, Systemic Development Institute
was with another company when working with Julian at The Coming Famine

“Julian is a passionate communicator about the value of science and the importance of public investment in science — especially in relation to global food security, as articulated in his latest book The Coming Famine.” June 3, 2011
- Andrew Campbell, Managing Director, Triple Helix Consulting Pty Ltd
was with another company when working with Julian at The Coming Famine

“There is no better science writer and communicator than Julian. He is passionate, compelling and persuasive. Julian is a tireless advocate on important technological, scientific and environmental issues that confront us. When Julian speaks, people listen.” June 1, 2011
- Paul Holper, Manager, CSIRO
worked with Julian at The Coming Famine

“Julian's vision across the primary sectors especially his global perspectives and vision for the future of the world and Australia are exemplary . His scientific background and his ability to verbalise his research into the issues facing the world i.e food, water and energy shortages going forward are a wake-up call to all in the developed world. Our political leaders should heed his words and vision 11” May 31, 2011
- Tony StClair, Agribusiness & Government Relations Director, MBDenergy
worked with Julian at The Coming Famine

“Julian is one of Australia's finest science communicators. He has a deep knowledge of the key environmental crises facing the globe, notably water and food security threats. Strongly recommended!” May 31, 2011
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
- Rob Vertessy,
hired Julian as a Writer/Editor in 2010

“Over twenty years Julian Cribb has analyzed and written about the megatrends that affect agriculture, commodities, and has had some wonderful foresights of these events. His latest work adds authority to this subject.” May 31, 2011
- Lucinda Corrigan, Director, CRC Plant Based Management of Dryland Salinity
was with another company when working with Julian at The Coming Famine

“Julian is a high quality writer with an excellent grasp of a wide range of scientific issues. He has an ability to distill and present the most salient facts in ways that are clear to the lay reader and attractive to the media. His experience in the development of communication strategies for scientific bodies is also extensive, and his knowledge, judgment and assistance to clients in this area outstanding.” May 31, 2011
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity
- Peter Martin,
hired Julian as a Writer/Editor in 2002, and hired Julian more than once

“Julian is a futurist, a knowledge bank and a bold communicator. He challenges conventional thinking and his book serves as a useful compass point for those involved in the food security debate. Claude Gauchat” May 31, 2011
- Claude Gauchat, Executive Director, Avcare
was with another company when working with Julian at The Coming Famine

“Julian has long been regarded as one of Australia's leading science and agriculture writers. His knowledge and astute perspectives on issues, trends, and influences (nationally and globally) have made him one of the stand-out commentators on what is arguably the most important issue facing humanity -- food security.” May 31, 2011
Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity
- Brad Collis,
hired Julian as a Writer/Editor in 2004, and hired Julian more than once

“Julian is a visionary and one of the most creative people I know. I would recommend Julian Cribb as one of Australia's greatest science communicators. Julian has a remarkable ability to work with government and industry without compromising his values. Julian's book "The Coming Famine is something every global citizen should be aware of so that change can occur".
Mary-Anne Waldren” May 31, 2011
Top qualities: On Time, High Integrity, Creative
- Mary-Anne Waldren,
hired Julian as a Journalist in 2000, and hired Julian more than once

“I have worked closely with Julian over many years, either as a colleague or as a stakeholder, and can attest to the in-depth knowledge of his subject matter and high quality of his work.
- Robert Hadler, General Manager Corporate Affairs, Coles Limited
worked with Julian at The Coming Famine

“Julian and I have been crossing paths for nearly 30 years. His commitment to the future of agriculture and the challenges of feeding the world is an enduring feature of his contribution and a constant in our dealings. It is something he cares about deeply. His recent work on the world food security is timely, and Julian has a continuing ability to reduce complicated issues to easily understood propositions. He is a skilled advocate, making a significant contribution to public debate and awareness. Julian cares deeply about the future of food.” June 8, 2011
- Shaun Coffey, Foundation Chief, CSIRO Livestock Industries
worked with Julian at CSIRO