Number of cyclists on the rise
Well-educated professionals in particular are
choosing to cycle to work more frequently.
Image: Peter Fisher, courtesy of Tridente Architects

The number of people cycling to work in Adelaide has increased by almost 50 per cent in a five-year period, particularly among well-educated professionals, according to a University of Adelaide study.

Transport expert Dr Jennifer Bonham says the most recent Census statistics show that 41.9 per cent more people (6498 in total) are cycling to work in Adelaide's urban areas, with increasing numbers of women living near the city opting for the bicycle over other methods of transport.

Dr Bonham will present her findings at the Australian Cycling Conference at the University of Adelaide on Monday 19 January.

Dr Bonham says the resurgent interest in cycling for urban transport is putting pressure on planners and governments to improve bike networks and understand the factors which influence cyclists.

"Cycling has an important role to play in short to medium distance journeys in a carbon-constrained world and transport, health and census statistics show that cycling is on the increase in Australia," Dr Bonham says.

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