This will be the first billboard on the Moon
Image: Otsuka via The Verge

The specially designed can, which is filled with a powdered-form of Otsuka's awkwardly-named Pocari Sweat, will be the world's first exercise in lunar marketing, The Verge reports.

And obviously it's working, because we're writing about it, aren't we?

The canister will be carried by Falcon 9 during the first private Moon mission, penciled in for October 2015, and Otsuka says it hopes the stunt will inspire young people to become astronauts so that they can one day crack open the can.

Of course, you can also buy the hydrated version of the drink at most convenience stores, so we're not sure how much this stunt will motivate people to become astronauts compared to, say, the prospect of exploring new worlds.

Still, there's some complex logistics involved in installing the billboard. Falcon 9 was designed by Elon Musk's SpaceX to be a potentially reusable space travel vehicle, and it's already made three successful supply runs to the International Space Station.

But his will be Falcon 9's first lunar mission, and during it the Pocari Sweat advertisement will be dropped to the Moon's surface by private company Astrobotic Technology's "Griffin" lander as part of their attempt to win Google's Lunar X $20-million prize.

Oh, and if a giant can of powdered drink going to the Moon isn't creepy enough, the can is also filled with the hopes and wishes of children from across Asia. Literally. They were taken from letters sent to the company by children and etched onto silver disks placed inside the cannister.

How sweet (sweat?).

I guess it's true what they say...

Source: The Verge