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ScienceAlert Deal: Do You Want Your Energy Bill to Fight Against Climate Change?

This company wants to help.

10 APR 2018

Climate change may very well be the greatest threat our species has ever faced, and partly because its effects span far beyond a simple rise in global temperatures.

Rising sea levels is a well-known impact, but meteorological maladies, too, such as the surge in tropical cyclones last year, are suspected of being linked with climate change, painting a grim picture of a future where a host of catastrophes are caused by a mere fluctuation in temperature.

When it comes to the causes of climate change, the finger has long been pointed at humans and our production of greenhouse gases.

In fact, last year, even the US Government released a climate assessment report that suggests climate change is driven almost entirely by human action, and cautions that the sea-level could rise as high as eight feet by 2100.

That said, it's likely that the world's leaders will need to band together to work out a solution that removes our involvement from the picture, but that doesn't mean we're powerless to combat climate change on our own.

Cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions is the most straightforward method of doing so, and, for most of us, this might mean bicycling to work or purchasing a hybrid vehicle.

However, these methods aren't necessarily practical or economical for everyone. That's where Arcadia Power comes into play. For the uninitiated, Arcadia Power is an online energy platform that connects its users to clean energy options - and the savings that come with them.

Available to US residents, Arcadia Power allows its users to connect their local utility accounts and get free access to clean energy, improve their home's energy efficiency and find ways to save on power, thereby letting them take part in the fight against climate change while saving money in the process.

In fact, Arcadia Power members have saved up to 30 percent a year after switching to these new clean energy plans.

Here are some of Arcadia Power's most noteworthy features:

1. Price Alerts

Arcadia Power leverages its technology and the buying power of more than 100,000 members to receive exclusive discounts and electricity supply deals.

Upon securing a lower rate, Arcadia Power notifies its users via email and locks in the new, lower price. It's currently available in select US states and nets its users a savings of 17 percent versus their old competitive supply plans.

2. Fifty Percent Clean Wind Power

This platform purchases clean energy from wind farms by way of Green-e renewable energy credits, which is effectively the currency of the green power market.

In turn, Arcadia Power users can then sign their home or apartment up for 50 percent wind energy at no extra cost, or they can pay a few dollars extra each month to support wind energy with 100 percent of their energy consumption.

Here's how it works: first, users connect their utility accounts with Arcadia Power, so it can monitor their usage.

Then, Arcadia Power sources wind energy and matches each user's usage to 50 or 100 percent, and finally, users can then monitor the impact of their green energy sources via their own personalized dashboard.

3. Personalized Dashboards

Arcadia Power features an interactive dashboard that allows its users to keep tabs on their home's energy usage, track down clean energy options, and pay their bills via debit or credit cards all in a single interface.

Plus, it's been designed to work seamlessly with your mobile device, so you can stay connected no matter where you are.

Stopping climate change is going to take a global effort. But thanks to Arcadia Power, more users can get involved by adopting cleaner energy sources and reducing their reliance on fossil fuels and other greenhouse gas-producing sources, all the while saving money in the process.

If you're interested in signing up, click here and see if Arcadia Power is available in your area.

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