The Best Android Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now

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9 AUGUST 2018

The great thing about Android is the wealth of options to choose from. But that's the hard part too! So many models out there, it's hard to know which way to turn.

So we've narrowed it down to a shortlist of the best models to suit various needs and budgets. Whatever you're looking for, we feel confident there's something to suit you in our list of the best Android phones around.


We've compared our own expert picks with the recommendations found at the hardcore review websites out there and feel the below is a great list to help you choose with confidence.


The Best. Period.

Google Pixel 2 

google pixel2Google Pixel 2 (Google)Google didn't want to have to make Android phones. They made a few 'Nexus' phones in partnership with other companies for a while, then dropped the idea to let the market run the show.

But all the other high-end companies kept layering their extras on top of pure Android and they bloat the system up in the process. So Google got back in the game.

Quite simply, the Pixel 2 is the purest Android experience you can ask for, and the hardware is absolutely first class. And more than anything else, it's carrying the best and easiest to use camera out there in the market.

Sleek, powerful, snappy, responsive, reliable and a great camera. This is the easy choice for best Android smartphone you can buy.

And if you want it bigger, just choose the Google Pixel 2 XL!

Get the Google Pixel 2 here from $749.99 


If you love Samsung...

Samsung Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9Samsung Galaxy S9 (Samsung)It's a close race for the top, and while we put the Google Pixel as number one, the Samsung Galaxy series has been ruling the roost for years with good reason.

The Galaxy S9 is a great phone with an excellent camera and the hardware is as sophisticated as they come. If you want the more stylish chassis and the absolutely stunning screen to ogle every day, this is the ticket.

Fans of bigger phones can always go with the Galaxy S9+ too.

Get the Samsung Galaxy S9 from $749.99

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

galaxy note8Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Samsung)If you just have to own the biggest screen possible and you love the stylus hidden in the side of the phone, there is no going past the Galaxy Note 8. The Note defined the modern era of mega-sized phones, and remains the best in breed when it comes to big, big screens with big, big performance.

And there's no cutting corners on this giant screen, which also happens to be just about the most gorgeous screen you can get your hands on too.

It costs a bomb, but if you want it, you want it.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from $699.99 


Serious about video?

Sony Xperia XZ2

sony xperia xz2Sony Xperia XZ2 (Sony)I've always had a soft spot for Sony Xperia handsets. Sony has tried to bring its pedigree from its camera business into its smartphones, and has done a good job though still sat a little behind the top tier phone makers.

But their camera software has always been fantastic and now the XZ2 takes smartphone tech to a new level by delivering 4K HDR video recording to give you a new class of image capture.

If making videos on your smartphone is your number one reason for being you should be putting the Xperia XZ2 at the top of your shopping list.

Get the Sony Xperia XZ2 from $600.99


Serious about gaming?

Razer Phone

razer phoneRazer Phone (Razer)Phones aren't just for puzzle games and Words With Friends anymore, and Razer decided to prove it. This smartphone is all about an incredible screen with great lag-free performance, along with brilliant Dolby audio and HDR support.

8GB RAM also helps to ensure whatever game is running is going to have the room it needs to run at its best. And a beefy 4000mAh battery to cope with the extra performance games will demand. A gorgeous device that dedicated mobile gamers will love.

Get the Razer Phone here starting at $680.44


Best on a budget

Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6 rangeNokia 6.1 (Nokia/HMD)The Nokia brand is back and its showing off some fantastic hardware at a seriously great price, this time running on Android.

And the beauty for many users will be that it is running pure Android under the Android One initiative, so there's no added overhead and it will get prompt updates unlike many other handsets. It's also got a really nice looking aluminium unibody construction for a stylish and sturdy finish.

The only bells and whistles you lose here are things like a super high-res screen, but this is still a beautiful Full-HD screen and features USB-C fast-charging and an impressive 16Mp camera. At under US$300 unlocked it's a steal.

Get the Nokia 6.1 from $257

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