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Need a VPN? Get One of The Most Popular For 68% Off Right Now

3 OCT 2018

Now more than ever, you need to protect your online privacy.

It's becoming increasingly clear that our data and browsing patterns are of intense interest - both to big businesses and hackers.

Roughly 25 percent of people using the internet now use a VPN, and for good reason.

VPN stands for virtual private network, and it works like a encryption system for your data.

Not only does it scramble your data so it's unreadable without the right keys, it also sends it through a secure intermediate network.

That means a VPN hides your location and IP address so everything you do online stays anonymous.

It also gives you the option of bypassing geolocation blocks when you're overseas.

But with so many options to choose from online - including a whole range of "free" VPN downloads that often contain Malware - how do you choose one?

One service that's used by several of us on the ScienceAlert team is PureVPN. It's rated in the top VPNs of 2018 by CNET and PC Mag.

It's simple to use and easy to install, but the standout feature is that it's much faster than other VPNs we've tried.

PureVPN has 300,000+ IP addresses, 2000+ servers and 180 server locations. And more than 3 million users already.

They also offer a 31-day money back guarantee, so if you're not happy with the product you can easily get a refund.

PureVPN is offering a deal of US$84.96 for 2 years' worth of protection (68% discount).

ScienceAlert readers can use the code SA10 to get an extra 10% off this offer.

Price: $84.96 (or 76.46 with the SA10 code)

Length: 2 years

Click here to protect yourself now and find out more, and don't forget to enter the code SA10.

Editor's note: This is an affiliate post in partnership with PureVPN. The editorial was written independently by ScienceAlert writers, but if you click through and purchase a PureVPN subscription we will receive a portion of the sale.