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DC's Anatomy of a Metahuman Art Book Looks Absolutely Stunning

6 JUL 2018

We're suckers for books that throw scientific concepts at our favourite works of fantasy.

Especially when they're delivered with the added joy of being written in the voice of characters from the fictional universe.


So when Ming Doyle, the artist behind a fantastic new coffee table volume from DC tweeted out an announcement, it immediately grabbed our ocular cavities with extreme prejudice.

Everything about this looks like gorgeous. The delivery, the art, the exploration of heroes and villains as anatomical specimens.

Even the idea that Bruce Wayne feels the need to produce a work of this nature is just wonderful. Of course he would perform such an analysis to ensure not-so-meta humans can hunt for weaknesses should the need for an edge arise.

The bad news. We have two months to wait for this book to hit shelves.

The good news? I know what I'm asking for for Christmas. And I'm more of a Marvel fan! (Don't @ me).

Check it out on the Amazon to throw your pre-order money at it right now if you just can't keep your wallet safe any longer.

Also, here's a tasty look at the cover.

DC Anatomy of a Metahuman(DC Comics / Amazon)

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