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Dennis Rodman Arrived For The Trump-Kim Summit Sponsored by a Marijuana Cryptocurrency Startup

12 JUN 2018

If we ever needed visual confirmation of just how bizarre world diplomacy is in 2018, we now have it: in the spritely form of Dennis Rodman arriving in Singapore for the Trump-Kim summit in a marijuana cryptocurrency T-shirt.


Emblazoned in peace-themed apparel – the bizarre corporate sponsor of Rodman's visit for the impending North Korea–US talks – the five-times NBA champion touched down in Singapore round midnight on Monday, telling reporters he was here "to see what's going on", and hoping "that things turn out to be well for everyone in the world".

While Rodman won't be part of the official summit, his presence on the sidelines looks to cap off a bizarre personal success story of sorts.

The rebounding champ has for years visited North Korea, striking up an unlikely friendship with NK leader (and massive basketball fan) Kim Jong Un, in a series of pro-diplomacy overtures that – while decidedly controversial at times – look to have actually helped clinch this week's historic talks.

Not one to miss an opportunity to promote himself, Rodman has been pointing all this stuff out on his official Twitter the past week, highlighting his unique friendship with both leaders and reminding folks that he presented the NK regime with a copy of the Trump-penned The Art of the Deal almost exactly one year ago.

It's a weird one, to be sure, and for lots of people on Twitter, it's all more proof that 2018 is just a little too out there, and none of us can get off the ride.

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