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Bethesda Just Mocked Itself Perfectly For Endless Skyrim Ports

11 JUN 2018

Bethesda understands. We've had enough announcements of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim versions for new platforms. Or have we?

Year after year we've had the now six year old game get a splashy announcement for launch on a new platform as though we should eat it up like it's brand new. And yes, some people love it so much they'll pretend that's what it is.


But E3 2018? People were ready to riot if all we got was Skyrim for Switch. And, thankfully Bethesda read the room. But better yet, it gave us the joke of E3 by owning how crazy things had become.

As part of the company's E3 showcase, they threw in a crazy video starring Keegan-Michael Key to show us their latest, most ultimate versions of Skyrim yet.

As his hand reaches for a Switch, he then sits back and starts playing the adventure of your dreams via Amazon Echo. And it's pure gold. 

And you know what? I now want audio text adventure games for Alexa. Bring me that future.

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