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Esports to Watch: Rainbow Six Siege And Overwatch World Cup

17 AUG 2018

Already a fan or just curious what all the fuss is about? Here's what's on this weekend that's worth checking out online.

Rainbow Six Siege - Paris Major

Siege is a unique team-shooter, with highly strategic play and 'operator' characters with distinct abilities that make each round play very differently depending on the character choices a team makes. High-tech gear like cameras, drones, electronic and motion detection systems all combine to make for a gripping esport that's growing fast.


Where to watch:
When: Fri / Sat / Sun
Starts: 1.00PM Paris / 12.00PM UTC / 5.00AM Los Angeles / 9.00PM Sydney
Runs: 9 hours Fri / 8 hours Sat / 8 hours Sun

Overwatch World Cup - qualifiers

Group stages of Overwatch World Cup qualifications begin this weekend with the first four teams - Russia, Finland, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong - fighting for the two qualification slots. Over coming weeks we'll see the various qualification groups meet in Korea, the US, Thailand and France, leading to the final eight meeting at Blizzcon in November.

Where to watch:
When: Fri / Sat / Sun
Starts: 12.00PM Seoul / 3.00AM UTC / 8.00PM Los Angeles (previous day) / 1.00PM Sydney
Runs: 6 hours each day

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