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Pokémon Go Trading is Finally Here For Everyone!

26 JUN 2018

The good news is that, as promised, Pokémon Go rolled out a new set of social features on Thursday that finally bring the ability to trade Pokémon with your friends, among other perks.


By Friday afternoon, Niantic had finished the rollout: All players can add friends, and anyone over level 10 can trade Pokémon.

The way the rollout was handled frustrated some users, however. When the feature launched, it was available only for players at the game's maximum level of 40.

For context, I've been playing every single day since the game came out in July 2016, and I'm level 32.

On its customer support page, Pokémon Go's developer, Niantic, said that this is a temporary situation and that it will be slowly easing people into the feature, though it didn't give a timetable.

Indeed, Niantic gradually eased its level restrictions over following days, until finally rolling out to everybody.

Niantic has a history of this kind of thing. New features, like 20-player raid battles, have rolled out first to those at high levels before coming to the wider base.


The ultimate goal is likely to avoid the kind of server instability that characterised the game in its first days.

Still, players were frustrated. The ability to trade Pokémon was first promised in the days after the game's release, so the hype was strong when Niantic announced this week that it would finally arrive.

To have the feature in their apps, but not know when they'd be able to actually use it, rubbed some the wrong way.

The good news is that this frustration seems to have been short-lived.

One final note: Niantic has also said that adding friends isn't available to anyone under the age of 13, meaning children can't trade their Pokémon, so be advised.

In the meantime, check out our guide on how trading in Pokémon Go works, once you have access.

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