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We Have Theories About The Big Fallout Teaser Happening Right Now

30 MAY 2018

Bethesda has dropped a "Please Stand By" on Fallout fans today and, as is their want, they just can't help but desperately wonder what's in store.

So far we have nothing but a test pattern, plus a cryptic Twitch stream featuring a toy Vault Boy lying in front of a standby screen, with the occasional weird moment that proves the feed is live.


It's less than two weeks until the big E3 press conferences, so it makes sense for something big to be just around the corner. But what? And will it be big enough?

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With some resident Fallout fans here at /Beyond, we thought we should unpack our own thoughts on what it could be, and what we really wish for.

Seamus: Mike, I'm pretty sure we've both been busily working away today with this fresh Fallout tease eating away at the back of our brains. So what's your first impression of where they're planning on taking us?

Mike: Bethesda loves using the old test-pattern to get our attention. But they didn't have much of a drum-roll for Fallout 4, from memory. A few hints in the weeks leading up, but otherwise it was just a sudden announcement at the 2015 E3.

So, I'm not getting my hopes up. Money is on a port to Switch, but to be honest, I'm kind of hopeful for something bigger.

Seamus: Yes, I'm actually worried the tease is leading us into something less than a full new Fallout precisely because they delivered such a surprise announce for 4!

But… Bethesda did kinda disappoint fans last year when everything was Skyrim ports, so with some lead up teases I think it would be pretty sad to only get Fallout on another platform.

I'm betting it's a New Vegas type announce? A new stand alone game built on the Fallout 4 engine, so they can give us the fresh hours of fun without years of under the hood work to do.


And then, sure, if that also happens to bring with it new platforms for a bundle of Fallout 4 and 'New New York' or whatever, I'll be cool with that.

What's your "Shut up and take my bottlecaps" day one purchase reveal?

Mike: I'd hand over my whole bobble doll collection for a return to some kind of Fallout online. Look, I know the proposed Fallout MMO was a mess many would rather leave behind. But with Elder Scrolls Online making a go of it, who knows?

That said, I think a new stand alone would be great. I got into New Vegas more than I did Fallout 3, and was a big fan of the Fallout 4 engine.

Maybe a story that takes us somewhere new in the Fallout universe? Something retro set in orbit maybe?  It's a frontier I'm dying to see them push into.

That said, I'm also one of the rare few who loved Fallout Tactics when it came out nearly 20 years ago. So what do I know?

Seamus: Ooooh… there's something to be said for a Fallout Tactics MOBILE! C'mon, Bethesda, I'd be so there for that one!

Fallout Shelter was fun for a little while, but after a while it's just a timesink like so many mobile tower builder games. But Tactics could be one of those rare mobile games that is a seriously legit full fat experience that suits the platform so well.

Damn, now you've got me excited for something that clearly will not happen. No one pays for good games on mobile. Finding a business model to make that worth their while seems awfully difficult.


My 'fear' is a Fallout 3 anniversary release. 10 years this October. Great game, but just another excuse to turn over the remastery crank isn't what I'm hoping for.

There was a yellow balloon that popped up at one moment while I had the Twitch stream open earlier, and balloons are all about birthdays… so maybe that's all we get… hmmm…

Mike: Mobile games are hard. Especially in an age of microtransactions. No thanks. But hey, maybe there's room for some good old fashioned internal product placement? A radiant six pack of Nuka-Cola anybody?

It's weird looking back and seeing how far the Fallout universe has come since that first vault dweller headed out in search of a waterchip. If we're going for an anniversary to celebrate, I'd be curious to see a return to Fallout 2's setting.

It came out 20 years ago this September, after all. Maybe we could stroll down the streets of San Francisco in search of the Enclave once more.

Whatever Bethesda announces, as long as it's still quirky and has a few good tunes, I'm in. As for the rest … well, war never changes after all.

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