WATCH: This is what tattooing looks like close-up in slow motion

A lot of people have tattoos these days, but few REALLY understand how a tattoo machine works to pierce your skin and inject it with ink. How many needles are in each machine? And why doesn’t the ink just ooze back out after it’s been injected?

To answer some of his burning questions, Destin from Smarter Every Day showed up unannounced to a random tattoo parlour and asked if he could film some of their work close up with a high speed camera.

The result is this sweet and fascinating video that breaks down a lot of the stereotypes surrounding tattooing and tattoo artists, and also gives you the best look ever at what really goes on under your skin.

Yes, there’s a little blood, but it’s strangely mesmerising. We can’t look away.

Oh and you’ll get a bonus physics lesson on how a tattoo machine works too, which is pretty awesome. Thanks Destin!

Check it out above.