WATCH: The inside of a HUGE wasp colony

When wasps choose to construct their home on the outside of your window, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is kill it with fire.

But, as YouTuber Vang Tsal discovered, it can actually provide you with an amazing view.

This colony, built against a window of Tsal’s attic, now offers him the perfect close-up view of wasp life - from behind the safety of double-paned glass.

"Big wasps are building a huge nest in my window," Tsal writes on his YouTube page. "I can observe its construction in real-time cross-section!"

In the video above he provides a rare view for the public - and it’s pretty exciting to be able to study the structure of a wasp nest, while seeing the bees at work building it.

Robbie Gonzalez provides an explanation of what you can see in the video for io9:

"The smallest architectural unit, the strong and efficient hexagonal cells that house food and larvae, give rise to a tiered system of combs that divide the colony into discrete, orderly sections. The combs, in turn, lend the nest its overall shape. Meanwhile, the wasps go busily about their business.”

Tsal will now continue to document the construction of the nest on his YouTube channel - happy watching!

Sources: Vang Tsal, io9