WATCH: 13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

Have you heard the one about how the Earth isn’t actually getting any warmer? Has a ‘skeptical’ friend shared an old and suspiciously inadequate graph on Facebook to prove their point that all this talk about temperatures rising is a load of paranoid rubbish? The latest episode of Veritasium is here to debunk that myth, and many others, including, “Wait, didn’t scientists say the climate was actually cooling? Do scientists even have any idea what they’re doing?”

The key is to not just look at the global temperatures throughout history to get a pretty good indication that the Earth is heating up - there are plenty of other signs, such as rising sea levels, the fact that ice in Greenland and Antarctica is melting at unprecedented rates, and Arctic sea ice continues to decline.

But wait, didn’t Arctic sea ice increase over the last two years? Isn’t the Sun getting brighter, so none of this is our fault anyway? And humans only emit a tiny fraction of the carbon dioxide that’s released into the atmosphere every year, so take your blame elsewhere! Watch these myths, and many more, be debunked by science in the the latest episode of Veritasium.

Source: Veritasium