WATCH: When Do We Reach Our Mental Peak?

Einstein thought that your mental abilities peak very early on in life, and he backed this statement up by the fact that he published four ground-breaking papers by the age of 26. But how does Einstein’s mental peak compare with what the rest of us are capable of? 

Identifying the point where we hit our intellectual peak isn’t as simple as it might sound, says Vanessa Hill, because there are two types of intelligence to consider. Crystallised intelligence is the use of knowledge you’ve built up from what you’ve learned, whereas fluid intelligence is related to how well you can think logically to solve problems independently of your acquired knowledge.

Studies have identified that fluid intelligent peaks in young adulthood and then slowly declines throughout life, while crystallised intelligence is relatively stable up until our 70s. 

So with all this in mind, is it possible to figure out when we hit our mental peak? Watch the latest episode of Braincraft above to find out.