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Epic Games Announces Fortnite And Android Are Finally Getting Together

20 MAY 2018

Meghan and Harry? Sure, the world watched the new royal couple get hitched this weekend, but the real excitement is around the news that Fortnite: Battle Royale is finally coming to Android phones!


The biggest global gaming phenomenon since Pokemon Go - without all the walking around in the real world - has been available on PC, Xbox, Playstation for many months, and when it hit iOS back in xxx it rocketed into mainstream consciousness.

Indeed, yours truly has appeared on more than one talk show to explain why parents shouldn't be scared of its cartoon violence and deeply more-ish gameplay.

(Short answer: parents, set boundaries and rules for your kids videogame habits. Don't just sit back and worry while doing nothing to understand what they're playing and who they're playing with.)

fortnite mobileFortnite on mobile (Epic Games)

But wherefore art thou, Android? Fortnite makers Epic Games just made lovers of the Google-powered operating system very happy with the news it is arriving 'this summer'.

OK, that's still potentially months of waiting. But with the announcement comes a level of certainty you can plan for. Season 4 recently began, and it is scheduled to end on July 9. So you could place bets that Android has a good chance of arriving right around the start of Season 5.


iOS launched at the start of April 2018, and in that time has seen a number of improvements to the experience - the latest update in particular lets players customise their interface to get the mobile experience that suits their personal preferences.

So Android users should expect the game will be in tip-top shape for mobile when it lands on their platform.

Of course, games are a fickle business. A few months can be a long time in the land of what's hot and what's not. Will Fortnite still be the biggest game around when it hits the Google Play Store? Or will the Next Big Thing have taken its place?

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