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Get Six Sigma Certified With This $59 Training Bundle

15 NOV 2018

Anyone who works in engineering, software development, product management, or any other team-based development positions knows that the number one most frustrating issue comes from waste - including waste of time, waste of effort and waste of resources.

No one likes to spend their time working incredibly hard on an important project just to have their efforts derailed by waste - often this waste is no fault of the individual workers, and is unfortunately built into the system.

To tackle this, broken systems can be - and should be - restructured and rebuilt, so no workers' efforts will be in vain (nothing else makes burnout burn hotter), but also to ensure the final product won't be stymied.

No need to reinvent the wheel; management systems that can prevent costly waste already exist.

The top two of such programs are called Lean and Six Sigma, and right now you can get a discount on a course that teaches you the fundamentals of both programs.

These courses usually cost a total of US$2,300, but right now, a six course bundle is available for ScienceAlert readers for only US$59.

If you're already familiar with Six Sigma, you probably associate it with tech entrepreneur culture, but this program was actually developed by an engineer at Motorola in 1980.

It gained in popularity so much that by 1995, it had become central to General Electric's business strategy. All this to say, the Six Sigma system has been perfected over decades by some of the most successful businesses.

Six Sigma proponents believe that waste in product development or software engineering comes from unregulated variations within the development process.

Lean devotees believe that waste comes from unnecessary steps in the process, which slow everything down and don't benefit the final product.

Anyone with a good head on their shoulders can see that both of these situations could create waste, and the best thing would be to learn how to eliminate both from your production process.

The courses take you through three levels of training: Yellow introductory lessons, Green intermediate learning, and Black advanced implementation of the tenants of the program.

You'll learn via audio-video lectures, simulated exams, and flashcards, all which prepare you for the certification exams that come at the end of each training level.

You'll learn to recognize and eradicate the eight kinds of waste: Time, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over-Production, Over-Processing, Defects, and Skills.

If your job requires you to go through Six Sigma training, or you're looking to add that certification to your resume, this program has you covered. Three of the six offered courses cover Six Sigma exclusively, with the same Yellow-Green-Black advancement levels.

Even careers that you wouldn't expect to have a project management element - such as Public Relations, Event Planning, Journalism, or Catering - actually would benefit from strategic waste reduction and team planning like the Lean Six Sigma program provides.

Pick up the Complete Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification Bundle for 97% off today.

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