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ScienceAlert Deal: We finally found a Way to Manage All the Files on Your iPhone

23 OCT 2018

A lot of us use iPhones or iPads. And most of us have noticed they have one key problem.

While these pocket computers have made most of our lives easier (no more getting lost while driving, accidentally wandering into a sub-par sushi restaurant, or missing an important call from your mother), they suffer from one major lack: you can't manage the files you store on these devices.


Sure, you can plug your phone into your computer and transfer all of your data to iTunes - the universally acknowledged black sheep of the Apple family - but have you ever tried to transfer a PDF your boss needs to read immediately onto your phone?

Have you ever tried to extract and print all the text messages between you and your bestie to read out loud during her bachelorette party?

Have you ever tried to transfer a contact from your work Outlook account to your personal Apple account? And this is only the tip of the iceberg of simple tasks that you should be able to do on your iPhone but for some reason can't.

The technology has to exist, right? So why aren't we allowed to use it!?

If you're getting fed up just thinking about all the things you wish you could do but are arbitrarily walled off from you, you need to pick up iMazing 2, the versatile device organizing tool that's on sale for about the price of a movie ticket.


iMazing calls itself the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone, iPad, and iPod management because it lets you truly manage your mobile data the way you want to, without having to use iTunes as a gatekeeper.

You can easily manage your backups without having to pay monthly for extra iCloud storage.

You can transfer documents between your work PC/Microsoft Office accounts and your personal Apple contacts, perfect for when you're finally telling your horrible manager "I quit!" but you're not willing to leave your hard-won leads to whatever random takes your desk next.

You can add ebooks as PDFs without having to struggle to find a fault third-party app that can read them. You can even download and save all your text messages forever, so you can always, always bring the receipts.

The iMazing 2: Universal License for Mac & Windows usually costs almost $90 but they're offering ScienceAlert readers a deal so you can pick one up for only $19.99, over 75% off.

Check it out here.

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