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Ivanka Trump Pretending to Be a Scientist Is The Only Meme We Need in 2018

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22 MARCH 2018

As first daughter, Ivanka Trump has been an outspoken advocate of gender diversity in science, technology, math and engineering (STEM).

"Female and minority participation in STEM fields is moving in the wrong direction," she said last year at the World Assembly for Women summit in Tokyo.


"We must create equal participation in these traditionally male-dominated sectors of our economy."

So, what's her solution to the lack of diversity? Posing as a female scientist for a strategically planned White House photo op, of course.

The criticism started pouring in almost immediately after she posted her tweet.

No one can be sure just what Ivanka was hoping to achieve by pretending to be a scientist, but it probably wasn't to become the next internet meme sensation.

Instead of bringing awareness to actual female scientists in real life, Ivanka cut corners by pretending to be one herself - and the internet wasn't having any of it.

Some critics like congressional candidate Jess Phoenix wanted to know how Ivanka could claim to support science while her father proposed massive cuts to scientific reseach.

While others were able to find the positive in the situation.

Still, not everyone was happy with Ivanka's safety protocol.

And many were left wondering: how did we even end up here?

Twitter wasn't the only one having way too much fun with the photo op. Ivanka's post even started a photoshop battle on Reddit.

The result was pretty much everything we needed in 2018.





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