jacinta bowler

Jacinta Bowler is a Journalist and Community Manager at ScienceAlert. They've reported for ScienceAlert since 2015, covering everything from the psychology of conspiracy theories to terrifying superbugs. They also founded the ScienceAlert fact-checking team in 2016, and they oversee the social media channels.

Jacinta has written for the ABC, SBS, Eureka Street, and a number of magazines for kids, such as Double Helix. They have a degree in science and journalism from the University of Queensland, where they specialized in genetics and microbiology.

They have been involved in community radio for four years and created the science show and podcast Natural Reaction on 4ZZZ. Jacinta is also the sub-editor of Story Seed Vault, an independent publisher of micro-science fiction, and is a regular speaker at the National Young Writers’ Festival.

In their spare time, Jacinta plays a lot of DnD, bakes treats, and plays community AFL for Melbourne Uni.

Twitter: @jacinta_bowler

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