Jeans shredded by zoo animals will sell for over $1200
Image: Zoo Jeans/YouTube

A Japanese volunteer group, the Mineko Club, has hit on a brilliant scheme to raise money for conservation. They are wrapping denim fabric around tires and throwing them in to entertain the lions and tigers and bears at the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City. 

The natural instinct of these animals is to launch an immediate attack on the jeans with all the claws and teeth they can muster. 

The Mineko Club retrieves the fabric and whizzes it through a sewing machine to produce a pair of designer jeans, custom made by the dangerous predators. 

There are three pairs of Zoo Jeans; the lion model (L1 and L2), the Tiger model (T1) and the bear model (B1). 

The jeans went to auction online July 7th with a starting price of around $500. The T1 has over 15 bids and is sitting at about $1,200. 

This video shows the animals having a blast ripping away at their new toys: