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Learn CAD And 3D Printing With This Training Bundle From Maker Media

20 SEP 2018

Do you remember taking woodworking or ceramics in high school? For many of us, it was our first time building something permanent from a set of nondescript materials using our imagination.

Chances are that our projects didn't come out as perfectly as planned; a few millimeters too big here, or too much material chipped away there. Not even our teachers, who had years of practice under their belts, can claim to have made something truly perfect.

What if you can make something perfect down to the last millimeter, just as your mind envisions it? The advent of 3D printing makes this possible.

If you want to learn how to bring your creations to life, this exclusive CAD & 3D Printing eBook Bundle by Maker Media will show you how for US$19.99.

If you're just starting out, Getting Started With 3D Printing is the first eBook you should read.

This will give you pointers on which 3D printer and supplies you should buy as a beginner, as well as how to maintain your printer and make your first physical object.

Once you have a solid understanding of 3D printing, a world of possibilities opens up, and you're no longer limited solely to 3D printing.

In Make 2D Printing Projects, you'll learn how to combine your newly-minted printing skills to projects involving electronics, soldering, and software. Some of the projects you'll create include a 3D printed LED lamp and a 50's-themed raygun.

You can buy this exclusive CAD & 3D Printing eBook Bundle by Maker Media from ScienceAlert Academy for US$19.99, or 89% off.

Also, becoming a Maker Faire member will introduce you to the Maker community and keeps you up to date with Maker Faire events in your area.

You can sign up for free with a Basic membership, gain a free Make: Workshop and a special Make: print subscription pricing with a US$49.99 Hands-On membership, or gain all the previous perks plus Maker Shed discounts and live learning events with a US$99.99 Master membership.

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