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ScienceAlert Deal: Learn The Fundamentals of Drawing With This Top Rated Training Bundle

11 OCT 2018

From the first cave paintings thousands of years ago, drawing has been a powerful tool for communication. Since then our art has evolved into countless forms, but drawing still remains popular and influential.

Whether your goal is to design the next superheroes to grace our screens or illustrating wildlife and science, you don't necessarily need to study the classics and ancient history to become a competent drawer.

With this US$39 Fundamentals of Drawing bundle, you'll be given step-by-step guides on learning how to draw for beginners, as well as tips for improvement for experienced artists.

This bundle contains 7 courses for beginner and intermediate artists. It's best for beginners to start with the basics, which are covered in The Art And Science Of Drawing: Basic Skills.

This course will show you how to hold your pencil correctly, how to draw any shape, how to analyze subjects, and how to draw the foundation for your drawings.

Once you're comfortable with these skills, The Art and Science of Drawing And Shading: Beyond the Basics will introduce you to concave and organic forms, complexity, and dynamic shading.

After completing these two courses, you'll be well on your way to becoming an artist.

However, there are many styles that artists can illustrate, and it will be nearly impossible to master them all; you'll want to master one particular style as you gain experience.

For example, those interested in drawing comics will find How to Draw Dynamic Comic Book Superheroes Start to Finish useful. Alternatively, animal lovers may want to read Drawing Animals Using Pastel Pencils.

Whatever the case may be, this bundle has enough courses for you to experiment and discover your style.

The courses in the Fundamentals of Drawing bundle range from US$24.99 up to US$199.99, but you can buy the entire bundle from ScienceAlert Academy for US$34, or 94% off.

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