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Luke Cage Season 2 Trailer Packs Some Serious Punch

9 MAY 2018

When heroes hang around a while, the power level of those around them needs to step up to test their mettle. And the Luke Cage Season 2 trailer shows both villains and companions are turning things up a notch.


First season Cage was a tour de force, and while we love Cage himself we're absolutely ready for our favourite Marvel cop, Misty Knight, to start packing her own overpowered punch in the form of her new bionic arm.

Who's whose sidekick now?

Oh yeah, and a new super strong villain, too. Yada yada yada. Misty will handle it...

There's a lot of great TV right now, but hopefully we'll be able to clear the schedule when Luke Cage S2 hits Netflix on June 22.

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