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(Creative Studio/Solfa)

Ten Masked Men Silently Vie For Attention in a Creepy Dating Show We Never Asked For

9 MAY 2018

Let's face it, online dating sucks. There are only just so many poses next to drugged tigers or legs at the beach you can handle.

This 27 year old Korean woman has the right idea. Hide your potential suitors behind masks, and then sit them in front of you as you type. If nothing else it sure decreases the risk of tragic duck pouts and unsolicited dick pics.


Step one: Choose the perfect guy. Wide shoulders? Check. Funny? Check.

Step two: Spend the next thirty minutes whittling down a queue of 10 faceless hopefuls who are doing their best to win the right kind of attention using nothing but their wits, their phone, and a text-based chat room.

What follows is a lesson in Why You Should Have Studied Literacy At School.

Don't worry lads, there's subtitles if you don't speak Korean. But first tip is that your username can make or break you before you even have a chance to say more than 'Hi'. So maybe rethink BoJack69.

We're cautiously presuming this clip by Korean film maker Solfa isn't the future of dating television programs. We're also not sure if we want it to be.

But if the dystopian television series Black Mirror tells us anything, it's that we shouldn't be surprised if they all turn out to be robotic copies of her ex-boyfriend.

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