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Microsoft Is Putting 'Your Phone' Onto Windows 10

8 MAY 2018

Good news, Windows users. Soon you could be treating your phone like it's a part of your PC desktop thanks to Microsoft's new 'Your Phone' software.

Remember when Microsoft really thought it could claw its way back into the smartphone wars? Bless its digital socks.


Thankfully, under Satya Nadella's leadership, it's now all about playing nice with iOS and Android so that Windows can be the bridge between all digital worlds. That strategy has been working really nicely in the realm of cloud computing and with clever new tools like Your Phone it'll make life even easier for us day to day folks too.

Announced at Microsoft's Build 2018 developer conference today, Your Phone will put features like your notifications, photos and messages straight onto your PC for easy access.

You'll also be able to treat your phone messages like a chat program, banging out responses with minimal fuss.

The features will likely remain fairly basic out of an iPhone, because its security is locked down pretty deeply. But for Android users Microsoft has plans to mirror a lot more Android phone functionality directly to your desktop, which could be seriously handy.

There's other tools coming too, like Timeline. If you use Microsoft's Edge browser (someone does, right?) or you're heavily into your Office 365 tools, Timeline will let you find anything you've been working on in the past 30 days to pick up where you left off.


Overall, Microsoft is working hard on the idea that you should be able to do something in one place and pick up where you left off in another. By making that work across any platform it plays nice with – Windows, iOS or Android – it starts to become consistently useful to everyone.

For now, it's only launching for Windows Insider program users. (You can sign up here.) But once Insiders suffer through the bugs for the rest of us, it should hit our Windows PCs later this year.

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