Soap as good as disinfectant

A recent study carried out by Swinburne’s Faculty of Life and Social Sciences has dispelled myths about the need for daily use of chemical disinfectants in childcare centres.

Swinburne researchers Louise Dunn and Dr Enzo Palombo, together with Fresh Green Clean, conducted a pilot project that aimed to determine safer, healthier and more sustainable ways to clean.

“The project aimed to promote using low-harm, biodegradable, green substances in cleaning without having to add such things as vinegar or bi-carbonate soda,” said Dunn.

To assess the efficiency of ‘green’ cleaning methods two childcare centres were asked to clean using their normal cleaning products and then using a biodegradable substance such as soap and water.

“We found that there was no difference in the reduction of bacteria when using a plant-based detergent diluted with warm water and other cleaning products such as disinfectants.”

“Childcare centres are used to cleaning with a range of substances, but in order to reduce the impact on the environment, using warm soapy water without all the other add-ons works just as well,” said Dunn.

Swinburne’s design centre, together with SASI Clean, recently updated the SASI Clean website to provide the general public with information about safe, healthy and sustainable cleaning practices.

For more information about the SASI cleaning project go to here.

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