You can now learn everything you’ve wanted to know about quantum phenomena free online

Yesterday we announced the exciting news that Richard Feynman’s legendary physics lectures had been uploaded to the internet, free for the world to access and learn from.

And in even more awesome open education news, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia, has just kicked off a YouTube series on quantum phenomena, The Quantum Around You, led by one of our favourite lecturers Andrea Morello from the School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications at UNSW's Faculty of Engineering.

Better known as the enthusiastic long-haired physicist in Veritasium’s videos, Andrea is an associate professor in nanosystems, and he's amazing at translating his work into understandable concepts. Which is good, because he works on stuff that's pretty important, but also pretty tough to wrap your head around. 

And he’s not just sticking to the computing/physics side of things. In the series he’ll explain how quantum phenomena are involved in the everyday occurrences we see around us - for example, how quantum mechanics guides navigating birds, helps a gecko climb a wall and causes a magnet to stick to a fridge.

There'll be a new lecture/episode each Tuesday over at UNSW's eLearning channel. Check out the teaser below:

Update: episode one has dropped!