LEGO's new toys celebrate women in science
Image: LEGO Ideas/Alatariel Elensar

LEGO has announced they'll be launching a range of female scientist figurines, along with their lab gear - and they’ll be on sale in time for Christmas.

The new set is a result of the LEGO Ideas project, which allows users to create and upload their own toy concepts. People then vote on the ideas and the winner is turned into a real product, as Geekosystem reports.

Previous winners have included a Mars Curiosity Rover and a DeLorien from Back to the Future, but we’re not sure that they’re as awesome of the winner of this Winter 2014 Review - which includes a female palaeontologist, astronomer and chemist, AND a dinosaur skeleton.

The set will be titled the LEGO Research Institute and the idea was initially submitted by Alatariel Elensar, who wrote, “The motto of these scientists is clear: explore the world and beyond!”

Here's hoping the toys inspire a whole new generation of researchers.

Source: Geekosystem