WATCH: Giant 3D-printed robot spider undulates for you

PhD student Matt Bunting from the University of Arizona in the US has built a robotic hexapod as part of an exploration into how computer vision and locomotion can work together.

The first iteration of his robot spider was displayed earlier this year at the International Consumer Electronics Show in the US, and he’s now improved the design with 3D printing and a better computer. "I decided to give it a makeover with a 3D printer and I added an Intel Atom-based computer on the top. Then a few weeks ago we converted the computer to run on Intel Edison,” Bunting told Nate Lanxon from Wired UK at the 2014 Maker Faire in Rome this month.

Intel Edison is a new low energy, tiny computer - about the size of an SD memory card - designed for use in wearable electronics because it's got Bluetooth and WIFI already built in, but it’s also perfect for Bunting’s spider robot. A USB port in the back of the robot allows him to install computer vision tasks to get it exploring its nearby terrain using its camera vision.

Watch it undulating at the Maker Faire in the video above, it's pretty creepy. And we can't help but be a little concerned that we're now one step closer to bringing this arachnid monstrosity into reality so it can burn down our cities and crush our cars with its titanium abdomen:

Source: Wired UK