Low blood sugar causes people to lash out at their partners
Image: Skreened

The research is vindication for anyone who's ever used the excuse "I'm sorry, I was hungry" after a fight.

The study, led by scientists from Ohio State University, monitored 107 married couples over 21 days and revealed that their blood glucose levels could accurately predict how angry they'd get with their partners.

Partner aggression was measured by the number of pins the participant stuck into a voodoo doll representation of their spouse each night (brutal) after their blood glucose levels had been tested.

Their results, published online in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, revealed those who were hungry as a result of low blood sugar were more likely to go a little nuts with the pins, regardless of how satisfied they were with their relationship.

So why exactly does low blood sugar make us so mad? In a press release, the scientists explained that glucose provides the brain with a lot of the energy it needs to control aggressive impulses.

While anecdotal evidence of 'hangry' (hungry angry) fights abounds, this is one of the first studies to show how one simple and often overlooked factor could play a role in marital arguments, and possibly even domestic violence.

Bottom line? Never fight on an empty stomach. In fact, try to avoid the empty stomach altogether.