This Chinese company can 3D print 10 houses in a day
Image: WinSun Decoration Design Engineering

A gargantuan 3D printer is making up to 10 houses in less than 24 hours out of recycled materials.

The masterminds behind the clever technology work at WinSun Decoration Design Engineering in Shanghai, and they hope their invention will make the housing market more affordable, giving everyone the opportunity to buy their own home.

Each 3D-printed house is about 60 square metres and costs US$4,800 dollars.

Although this is not the first attempt to 3D-print houses, so far it’s the fastest and cheapest.

According to Gizmodo, purists argue WinSun’s project isn’t truly 3D-printed because they don’t use plastic and the houses are printed in blocks that are then assembled on site, but does it really matter?

We think we should just be celebrating the fact there is a new technology in town that can provide affordable housing for those who need it most.

Source: Gizmodo