The Moon is about to become a storage unit for our cultural treasures

This could be just the beginning of an apocalypse-proof backup of all culture and life on Earth, Paul Marks reports in New Scientist.

The ultimate goal would be for the Moon to act as a backup hard drive for all of our culture, religious and even genetic treasures.

The first artefact will be a handwritten Jewish scroll known as the Sefer Torah, and it will be taken to the Moon by privately funded spacecrafts hoping to win the Google Lunar X prize before the end of 2015.

If successful, later flights will carry ancient Hindu scriptures and the Chinese I-Ching texts.

One there, they'll be kept in a capsule that will protect them from harsh radiation and temperature changes for at least 10,000 years, hopefully alongside other cultural and biological records.

"This is an incredible, beautiful project," group founder Paul Aouizerate, an entrepreneur and inventor, told New Scientist. "These three texts are among Earth's most ancient documents, created over 3000 years ago. They are significant to billions of people."

Source: New Scientist