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Our Favourite Mermaids of #MerMay Are Quite The Emotional Rollercoaster

29 MAY 2018

What such great fortune that we've launched /Beyond in the midst of the most auspicious of fantasy art challenges: MerMay.

Huh? MerMay?? You may ask. Well, according to the website, MerMay is a "month-long celebration of creativity, community and above all... MERMAIDS".


While images of mermaids first appeared in the Mesopotamia region back in the Babylonia period from around 1800 BCE, we still can't seem to get enough of them.

Artists across the interwebs are currently bringing to life their own flights of mermaid fancies, for all our viewing pleasure.

There's even a list of prompts to follow in case the artists get creator's block, and the MerMays are being shared across social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

As for the rest of us less creative folk, we're encouraged to like and share our favourite MerMay creations. So as requested, here are some of the MerMay's that captured our interest.

The most adorable

Naaaw, how sweet...

And sooo romantic:

The most creative

Wow! This lionfish man looks as deadly as his disastrously invasive and venomous real counterparts.


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Who wouldn't love a kickass knitting nanna turtle?

Leafy seadragons are incredibly stunning animals, and so, it seems, are their mer-quivalents.


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Whoa, so many of these species being mermified are threatened or endangered.

Some sea turtles species are being born mostly female due to climate change, the seadragon's home of sea grass beds are fast vanishing, not to mention the entire planet's oceans are drowning in plastic

Oh sorry, things got a little dark there. Ahem... back to the fun stuff!

We've saved the best 'till last, of course:

Reverse mermaids!

We <3 you too sexy blobfish man.


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Aren't they just hysterical?

Anyone with a penchant for aquatic artistry is welcome to add their creativity to the hashtag before the end of the month.

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