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Overwatch Offers Support to Breast Cancer Research With Mercy Charity Skin

14 MAY 2018

Doctor Angela Ziegler will see you now, and she's dressed in her pinkest and ribboniest outfit yet. All for a good cause.

Until May 21, Overwatch's Mercy has a charity skin available to purchase, with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Overwatch fans are suckers for skins, so no doubt this will raise some serious charity dollars. But if you're not so fussed about the digital purchases, you can buy a T-shirt instead, with $15 of every shirt going to BCRF.

There's also a lot of promo work running through the Overwatch Twitch stream community to support the charity efforts. If you hit this page you can see a list of streamers who will be running special sessions in support of breast cancer research, and all donations during these times will also go into the charity bucket.

For those who tune into the livestreams there are some extra collectibles on offer. Stick around long enough and you can earn a few extra icons and sprays to use in-game that also show off various pink and ribbony vibes to show your support.

Sometimes there's some disappointment around so much breast cancer charity funding. There's just so much focus on this type of cancer that it gets dramatically more funding than many other important areas of cancer research, with a big gap between funds in this category versus others.

But for ours, this is still a super nice thing for Overwatch to throw some weight behind, especially so targeted toward scientific research support. And Blizzard throws its digital content toward a variety of charitable causes at different times of year.

Ultimately, giving its fans excuses to buy digital kit for a good cause is a pretty positive exercise.

If you want in on the action, jump into Overwatch to buy Mercy's charity skin before May 21.

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