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Captain Picard Might Be Back For a Brand New 'Star Trek' Series, And We Are Scared

21 JUN 2018

There's a rumour that Sir Patrick Stewart could be coming back to our screens as the most perfect starship captain of all time, and seriously my feelings right now are somewhere between sheer elation and utter horror.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Star Trek: Discovery executive producer Alex Kurtzman is taking over the series as the sole showrunner, and has signed a massive five-year extension on his original contract with CBS Television Studios.

That extension sees not just a continuation of Discovery, but a rumoured further expansion of the franchise, including a new series, a miniseries, and possibly some animated content, too.

Allegedly, one of these expansions might involve a reboot focussing on Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation and oh dear god, is this really happening and who asked for this?

Discovery, with its subpar writing and the screeching turn into a "dark and gritty" show which breaks a cardinal rule of how Gene Roddenberry's utopian stories were supposed to be told, was already enough of a disappointment, so much so that I have been sobbing over Picard gifs ever since.

Kurtzman's Starfleet-related achievements include co-writing the Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) movies directed by J. J. Abrams, so that gives us some idea of where this new kind of Picard reboot could take us.


And personally, I don't want to go there and I am scared.

Look, some of the early episodes of TNG were… not entirely great TV writing, for sure. Stewart himself famously lived out of a suitcase during the entire first season, expecting the series to collapse on itself at any moment.

But Captain Picard's very presence on that wood-panelled bridge of Enterprise-D brought a new level of gravitas to the cult classic revival that regrettably started out with men in miniskirts.

More than any other actor, Stewart with his Shakespearean pedigree boldly went where no sci-fi captain had achieved to go before, so maybe, just maybe his return to the franchise could be a good thing?

I will probably keep internally screaming until there is more confirmation about the rumoured series, simultaneously hoping for new Picard inspirational speeches and dreading how badly such a new show could go down.

Meanwhile, here's another suggestion: perhaps the creators of today's screen entertainment could stop trying to milk franchises whose glory days are decades in the past, and just come up with something truly new.

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