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These Fans Are Building a Dazzlingly Accurate Millennium Falcon Cockpit

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21 MAY 2018

We just had to share this amazing video featuring two friends who've spent six years building out a screen accurate replica of the Millennium Falcon cockpit. It's equal parts "why?" and "wow!"


There are fans, and then there are super fans. The ones who merely enjoying the consumption of entertainment is not enough - they must perform some creative endeavor of love to show their dedication to their passion.

Wired takes us up close and personal with Greg Dietrich and Jake Polatty, from the Full Scale Falcon Project. Dietrich is the project lead, and admits he's poured somewhere between $30K and $60K into the project.

Whatever you think about how people choose to spend their spare time, and money, we always take our hats off to those who maintain that child-like wonder around their hobbies.

Dietrich even gives a lovely answer to the question of why someone would run with this crazy idea:

"It takes us away from reality, and takes us to a time when we didn't have to worry about bills, we didn't have to worry about the politicians, we weren't bombarded, this takes all of that away and maybe that's what it is. In the real world, if you could just pull the four levers back and get out of here, I think we would do it."


In fact, this video shows how an obsession like this can build a community, bringing fans around the world together to contribute what they can to bring an idea to life.

The attention to detail is wonderful. Not just in the basic look, but even building out a sound profile for the cockpit to really immerse you in the environment. And from 3D printed parts to tupperware, they've worked out how to get things looking just right.

What's really lovely to hear is that even after all these years they sound like they still love coming back each day to pour more love into the project.

I've also learned a new term in prop / set design - greeblies! Watch the video to see Dietrich describe his favourite greeble in the cockpit.

As for their ultimate goal? May the Force be with them...