ScienceAlert Deal: Here's How to Get 2TB of Cheap, Secure Cloud Storage

Because hard drives are just not keeping up.

17 AUG 2017

Having your data secured and accessible, without taking up space on a hard drive is an incredibly valuable resource in 2017.

But some companies will charge you hundreds of dollars to reserve large amounts of space in the cloud – and you can't even be sure how secure your information is.

That's why we've teamed up with StackCommerce to bring you a new deal on Zoolz Dual Cloud 2TB Storage: Lifetime Subscription.

For the lifetime of Zoolz, you'll be able to store 1TB in the instant vault – so you can get the information ASAP – and 1TB in the secure archive storage for important documents that you don't need every day.

Plus all your files are automatically encrypted with 256-AES encryption before they leave your computer, so you know your files are safe.

And this is all at a one-time cost of US$49.99 – a fraction of the cost of most other cloud storage solutions.

Find out more here.

This is a promotional ScienceAlert Academy post, in partnership with StackCommerce. We carefully vet all courses and products to make sure they're relevant to our readers, and make a share in the profits of any sales.

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