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ScienceAlert Deal: Explore The Universe With These 9 Amazing Gadgets

4 OCT 2018

We live in a fantastic world, but most of us don't take the time to explore it.

Whether you're interested in learning new skills, discovering the secrets of our cosmos, or seeing the tiny up close, these nine products will help you get started.

Check out our list below: 

This home microscope magnifies things 1000x

Love photography? With this microscope camera you will have the power peer into and capture the usually unseen world that's all around us.

It will allow you to view the smallest of details in high resolution at up to 1000x their actual size directly on your computer screen.

It's great for examining jewelry, coins, stamps, electronics, skin, hair - not to mention scientific or medical research.

Plus, it's got 8 LED lights built in with a dimmer switch to help you achieve the perfect light for examination.

For a limited time you can buy the Portable Microscope Camera at 70% off for just US$38.99.

Solve real world problems with programming

Ever wanted to make your own electronic devices? The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that can be used for robotics, commercial and industrial products, and has a huge range of cool applications.

It's perfect for adults who want to tinker, but also can help your little ones become the next Steve Wozniak.

So how do you use it? In 28 lessons, the course will teach you how to control appliances using a relay and python programming, allowing you to automate processes around your home, such as watering your plants.

By the end of the course, you'll have a fundamental knowledge of automation with Raspberry Pi Zero.

The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle is currently only US$34 for ScienceAlert readers, at 96% off. Sign up here.

Explore the solar system with AR

Now anyone can travel through the solar system with this gorgeous virtual reality kit.

Bring the solar system to life in your home with the Solar System Mini, featuring all the planets plus Pluto.

Each 3 centimetre model is precision-made using 3D printing technology and is optimized to work with augmented reality app so you can see each planet's character up close, and learn all about them while admiring amazing extraterrestrial scenery.

You may not ever travel to space but you can get close with this kit.

Get a hold of your own Solar System Mini Set here at 27% off, for only $129.

Spy through all sorts of nooks and crannies

Clogged drain? Engine trouble? It helps to be able to see just where the problem is, which is where this handy endoscopic camera comes in.

With an 8-way adjustable LED, this waterproof, 1080p HD camera can slip into the tight or dark spaces or fingers or eyes can't and send a feed right back to any device you're using via WiFi.

This camera will help you diagnose a problem at its source, so you can develop permanent solutions.

You can get a hold of your own Waterproof Endoscopic Camera here, for just US$39.99. That's 60% off for ScienceAlert readers.

Open new doors with these programming skills

These days, our whole lives are surrounded by smart technology that aid us in all sorts of tasks. Learning how to build smart devices can begin simply with this Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle.

Arduino is an open source computer hardware and software company, which designs microcontroller kits for building awesome electronic devices.

This e-book bundle can get you started with the fundamentals of C programming with the help of an Arduino board.

The bundle will then acquaint you with the Arduino environment and by the end of the book, you'll be able to make basic projects like an LED cube and other smart devices that leverages C.

For a limited time ScienceAlert readers can start receiving the Arduino Enthusiasts E-Book Bundle by paying what you want. If you want them all, just pay more than the average.

Find your inner calm

In our hectic lives, many of us need all the help we can find to get some much needed relaxation. Whether you're trying to sleep better, decompress, or just start each day with your best foot forward, Mindbliss can help.

This wellness app uses highly intelligent AI algorithms to curate meditation experiences that fit the your needs, helping you relax with single-sit meditations or serial sessions that span five to nine days.

Whatever your routine is, you can follow it using the app's progress tracker and experiment with seven different meditation categories, or just immerse yourself in a 3D nature soundscape.

ScienceAlert readers have been offered a lifetime subscription to Mindbliss Meditation at an 88% discount. You can sign up here for only US$49.95. There's also other options for 1 or 3 year subscriptions.

Discover how machines learn

Take your data science skills to the next level with this course on machine learning.

Learn how to program classification algorithms with MATLAB, one of the most powerful tools inside a data scientist's toolbox.

This algorithm allows computers to classify new observations, for example, how your inbox decides which incoming emails are spam or how Siri recognizes your voice.

Following along step-by-step, you'll start with the MATLAB basics then move on to working with key classification algorithms, like K-Nearest Neighbor, Discriminant Analysis, and more as you come to grips with this machine learning essential.

On completing the courses you'll receive a certification of completion to include in your portfolio or resume, so future employers can feel confident in your skill set.

For a limited time you can get the Essential MATLAB & Simulink Training Bundle at 93% off, for just US$35.

Record your adventures in a reusable smart notebook

Miss writing with pen and paper but can't let go of the convenience of storing your notes in a cloud? Then this smart notebook is the answer.

The Rocketbook Wave combines the freedom a traditional pen and paper notebook, with the flexibility and security of a smartphone, instantly blasting your notes into the cloud as soon as you're done writing them down.

When you use the included Pilot FriXion pen in your Wave, you can erase your notes by heating the notebook in the microwave. You can then instantly reuse your notebook, saving a whole heap of paper.

ScienceAlert readers have been offered a special deal on the Rocketbook Wave. You can get yours here with the Pilot FriXion pen for US$19.99.

Taste the solar system, or a nebula!

These enchanting sweets, designed after the planets in our solar system, put the grandeur of space right in our hands.

Sparko Sweets' galaxy lollipops come in sets of 10 planets, supernovas or nebula. They include a variety of rich flavors such as melon, blackberry, guava, green apple, cotton candy, and watermelon - a great gift for any sweet-toothed space enthusiast in your life.

They're proudly hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California and come packed inside a special gift box with Sparko Sweets' signature space foil packaging. And, while Pluto lost its planet classification in 2006, you'll still find it in this collection!

For a limited time you can get your chosen set Sparko Sweets' galaxy lollipops here here for US$22. Unfortunately US delivery only. 

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