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ScienceAlert Deal: Get a Lifetime of Language Training From uTalk For as Low as $20

9 OCT 2018

Chances are you took a few language classes back in high school, but how much do you still remember? If you're like most folks, probably next to none.

The truth is that becoming proficient with a new language calls for practice and consistency - two things that are very hard to come by given our busy schedules.

However, thanks to uTalk, finding the time is possible. Designed for those on the go, uTalk makes it easy to squeeze in language lessons throughout the day, right on your computer or smartphone, and lifetime subscriptions are on sale for US$29.99.

Using your Mac, PC, or mobile device, you can learn your choice of six languages whenever you have a free moment throughout the day.

Whether you're waiting in line at the grocery store or getting your car serviced, you can just fire up the app and pick up your training right where you last left off.

Using true native speakers, uTalk gives you a better understanding of how your languages are meant to be spoken. That way, you can impress locals on your next trip abroad and better immerse yourself in their culture.

uTalk verifies your learning with speaking games, and you can measure your achievements as you go along, giving you extra motivation to continue with your training.

With a lifetime subscription to uTalk, you can choose 6 of over 130 languages to start learning. You don't need to choose all six languages at once, so you can select your first one and work through the training at your own pace before you move on.

Technology is bringing the world closer together, so now is the time to connect with new people and cultures by learning a new language.

From Albanian to Zulu, uTalk is home to a trove of rich languages that you can start learning today, and signing up for a lifetime plan will only run you US$29.99, more than 90% off the usual price.

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