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ScienceAlert Deal: Here Are The Top 11 Cyber Week Deals You Need to Have

26 NOVEMBER 2018

You must be absolutely exhausted.

Sure, Thanksgiving took it's toll (stuffed the brim and trying to avoid talking politics with your drunk Aunt), but the real culprits are Black Friday, and early Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday.

The best part of Cyber Monday is that no matter how exhausted you are, you can put on a pair of sweatpants and grab your phone (you're probably already holding it), and get all your holiday shopping done from a comfortable, slumped position.

We've made things even easier this shopping holiday with our list of the best deals of Cyber Monday 2018. So, without further ado:

11. Levimoon: The World's First Levitating Moon Light

Regular Price: US$289

Sale Price: US$199.99

Cyber Monday Sale Price: US$159.99 (use coupon code CMSAVE20 at checkout)

sale 13932 primary image

This unique lamp, a topographic map of the moon that actually hovers above it's sleek wooden base, is equally appropriate for a dark-wood-and-leather study and a child's bedroom.

The levitation mechanism charges remotely and can work 24/7, for a perpetually suspended moon. This Cyber Monday, take an extra 30 percent off this gorgeous mood lamp with the coupon code CMSAVE20.

10. Photography Diploma Master Class

Regular Price: US$395

Sale Price: US$49

Cyber Monday Sale Price: US$29 (use coupon code CMSAVE40 at checkout)

sale 16829 primary image wide

In our age of Social Media, everyone with an Instagram account is a amateur photographer. From years of posts, we've all intuitively learned the basics of lighting and composition, but to make our (or our business's) social media pages really stand out, we need to level up.

This photography Master Class will take you from fully automatic to fully manual photography, upgrading your online presence while simultaneously giving you a creative outlet.

Type in the coupon code CMSAVE40 for the Cyber Monday pricing, only US$29 for hours of instruction.

9. HD Wireless Digital Microscope with 1000x Zoom

Regular Price: US$299.99

Sale Price: US$59.99

Cyber Monday Sale Price: US$47.99 (use coupon code CMSAVE20 at checkout)

sale 16616 primary image

Microscopes have advanced since your high school science class; this one is Wi-Fi enabled, sending a live feed of whatever you're examining to a companion app on your smartphone.

The huge 1000x zoom will provide all the focal range that your curious (and future Woman In STEM) daughter or your coin-collecting grandparent needs.

Use the coupon code CMSAVE20 at checkout for the extra-discounted Cyber Monday price of only US$47.99.

8. Lifetime Access to the The Complete 2018 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle

Regular Price: US$4329

Sale Price: US$49

Cyber Monday Sale Price: US$29 (use coupon code CMSAVE40 at checkout)

sale 15179 primary image wide

Don't wait for January to kickstart a new, more enriching career in IT.

The CompTIA certification process trains you in technical areas like installation, preventative maintenance, networking, and security troubleshooting, as well as important business-building skills like customer service and client communication.

Lifetime access to hundreds of hours of lectures and study materials to help you pass the CompTIA certifications is on Cyber Monday sale for only US$29; don't forget to enter the code CMSAVE40 at checkout!

7. Ivacy VPN: Lifetime Subscription + NAT Firewall

Regular Price: US$1,254

Sale Price: US$39.99

Cyber Monday Sale Price: US$23.99 (use coupon code CMSAVE40 at checkout)

product 24184 product shots4 image

Have you ever checked Instagram at the coffee shop? Answered emails in line at the grocery store? Checked your bank balance before buying your friends a round at happy hour?

Basically, if you've ever connected any device to the internet outside of your home, you've exposed yourself to identity theft hacker attacks.

Browse safely and privately with a lifetime subscription to Ivacy VPN, on the biggest sale of the year this Cyber Monday.

Once you've purchased and installed it, you can get back to work wearing out your thumbs on our other Cyber Monday deals.

6. UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlight: 2-Pack

Regular Price: US$100

Sale Price: US$14.99

Cyber Monday Sale Price: US$11.99 (use coupon code CMSAVE20 at checkout)

sale 6738 image 1new

Campers, hikers, and outdoors adventurers love these adjustable, versatile, and reliable ultrabright flashlights. And with this Cyber Monday discount, they're also now incredibly affordable.

With their adjustable zoom, one-mile light range, and SOS setting, these flashlights are obviously a perfect gift for the adventurer in your life, and you should grab a second set for yourself (use the code CMSAVE20 at checkout for Cyber Monday pricing) to stock up your home and car emergency kits.

5. The Complete Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification Bundle

Regular Price: US$2,300

Sale Price: US$59

Cyber Monday Sale Price: US$35 (use coupon code CMSAVE40 at checkout)

sale 16320 primary image wide

This training course bundle is the perfect gift (or treat yo' self present) for anyone who works in Silicon Valley or in any engineering or product development field.

Lean and Six Sigma are both productivity strategies that keep development teams from wasting time and energy.

In the spirit of these programs, don't waste money learning how to implement them―get trained and certified in Lean and Six Sigma for the exclusive Cyber Monday price of US$35.

4. Nix Mini Color Sensor

Regular Pice: US$99

Sale Price: US$69

Cyber Monday Sale Price: US$55 (use coupon code CMSAVE20 at checkout)

product 24236 product shots3 image

The Nix Mini Color Sensor is a one of those rare devices that hasn't yet become an overdone tech gift that everyone has, but lots of different kinds of people would love it.

Gift this to your friends who are UX designers, photographers, Instagram enthusiasts, or interior decorators.

Just put this color sensor up to any attractive hue and the Nix will find it in their existing color library of more than 31,000 brand name paint colors, as well as RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors.

Gift this unique tech present using the coupon code CMSAVE20 for extra Cyber Monday savings.

3. The 2018 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle: Lifetime Subscription

Regular Price: US$259

Sale Price: US$15

Cyber Monday Sale Price: US$9 (use coupon code CMSAVE40 at checkout)

product 24019 product shots1 image

This Cyber Monday deal is best for those of us who wish they could fly through our work emails, spend our lunch hour engaged with a new novel, then pack in some additional learning in the afternoon to stay ahead of the game.

All of this requires excellent reading skills, and speed reading courses can help you get all your reading done without getting bogged down.

For less than a price of a cocktail, get yourself the gift of more learning and extra time.

2. 1080p HD Waterproof WiFi Wireless Endoscopic Camera

Regular Price: US$99.99

Sale Price: US$34.99

Cyber Monday Sale Price: US$27.99 (use coupon code CMSAVE20 at checkout)

sale 9376 primary image

This waterproof, Wi-Fi enabled camera fits the "something they would love, but never buy for themselves" gift paradigm for any makers, fixers, or tinkerers in your life.

The camera fits into small tubes and crevices to help find the source of engine trouble or clogged drains, and sends 1080p HD footage of the problem back to your phone.

Use the coupon code CMSAVE20 at checkout to unlock the special Cyber Monday discount.

1. The Fundamentals of Drawing Bundle

Regular Price: US$694.93

Sale Price: US$39

Cyber Monday Sale Price: US$23 (use coupon code CMSAVE40 at checkout)

product 23838 product shots1 image

Drawing sometimes seems like an impenetrable skill, but if you break down figure drawing to the fundamentals, it's something that anyone can learn.

If you've always wanted to draw, these courses provide hundreds of hours of lessons, suitable for any experience level.

Embrace minimalism and instead of filling your house with unnecessary new objects, giver yourself the gift of an enriching new creative practice for only US$23 with the Cyber Monday coupon code.

This is a promotional ScienceAlert Academy post, in partnership with StackCommerce. We carefully vet all courses and products to make sure they're relevant to our readers, and make a share in the profits of any sales.