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Learn to Analyze And Visualize Data With MATLAB

14 AUG 2018

Our world is powered by data. From tech to finance, today's industries churn through mounds of data to prototype products, visualize risks, and generally forecast their next moves.

As such, those who know how to wrangle this information can enjoy high-paying salaries and steady work, and joining their ranks is much easier than you think.

Whether you're a seasoned programmer or a complete newbie, you can come to grips with one of the industry's choice data analysis tools with the Complete MATLAB Mastery Bundle, which is on sale for 86 percent off its usual price.

For the uninitiated, MATLAB (which stands for "Matrix Laboratory") is a programming platform geared toward engineers and scientists.

It's home to the MATLAB programming language and excels at analyzing data, developing algorithms, creating models and applications, making it a vital tool in data-driven fields, like deep/machine learning and computational finance.

This 5-course collection covers several different approaches to learning and using MATLAB in the working world. From the bare essentials to data analysis and app creation, the collection is loaded with content both beginners and seasoned programmers will find useful.

You'll start with the basics, like running scripts and writing code in the MATLAB environment. Then, you'll take on more nuanced applications, such as data analysis and developing apps using the GUIDE utility.

You'll also explore using MATLAB's App Designer to transform your code into interactive software, and you'll dive into merging Microsoft Excel and MATLAB together to better visualize your datasets.

With a solid understanding of MATLAB, you can move on to work in a myriad of different fields, from defense, to finance, and even robotics.

The future is being powered by MATLAB, and you can keep pace with the Complete MATLAB Mastery Bundle, on sale for only US$27 - 86 percent off the usual price.

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