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ScienceAlert Deal: This Arduino Starter Kit Has Everything You Need to Become a DIY Expert

16 OCT 2018

Smart home devices are the envy of those yearning for a futuristic home. The biggest issue, however, is their prices. While this may be a challenge to some, tinkerers have found another way to obtain these futuristic devices, through a hobby with nearly endless possibilities.

Imagine programming everything in your home, from the lighting to your door locks, all with some basic programming know-how. If this excites you, the Complete Arduino Course Bundle can show you how for US$29.99.

If you want all the Arduino hardware to practice your skills, you can get the Complete Arduino Starter Kit which includes the course bundle plus all the hardware you'll need to get started for just US$89.99.

The course bundle starts with levels one through three of Crazy About Arduino: End-to-End Workshop, which will introduce you to Arduino programming concepts such as control statements, sketching, variables, and more.

Level One will teach you the basics with a step-by-step guide on how to program and control LED speed and brightness for animation waves, as well as how to create a PIR motion detector.

The projects in Level Two include programming a matrix keypad, an LCD, an ultrasonic distance sensor, an LDR sensor, and a buzzer. Finally, Level Three covers MySQL and Apache Web Server, which you can use to create your own IoT devices.

When you have a solid grasp of Arduino's concepts, you can put them to use with the projects in Arduino Bootcamp: Learning Through Projects.

This course features projects such as controlling CPU fans, creating digital dice, controlling a pan-tilt assembly, and more. Advanced practitioners can learn how to create a wheeled robot in Make An Arduino Robot.

Finally, you can learn how to build your own apps with Mastering Arduino By Building Real-World Applications.

With all of your newly-minted Arduino skills, you'll want to put it into practice with the Complete Arduino Starter Kit, which also includes an Uno R3 board, wires, LEDs, sensors, and more. The kit also comes with 13 hands-on activities.

The courses in this bundle range from US$19.99 up to US$149.99, but with this 94% off deal on ScienceAlert Academy, you can buy the entire bundle for just US$29.99.

Alternatively, you can buy the bundle with the starter kit for US$89.99.

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