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This Cutting Edge Language Learning App Will Help You Become a Pro

19 AUG 2018

Traveling the world can be fun. Life-changing even. But if you're scared of visiting a foreign country without knowing the local language, you might miss out on what different cultures have to offer.

The best way to combat your fear of the unknown is by immersing yourself in it, and what better way to dip your feet in the water than by learning a new language?

There are dozens of language learning services on the market, so picking the right one for you can be perplexing.

If you want to learn multiple languages with an award-winning language learning platform, look no further than Mondly, which earned Best of 2016 from the App Store and an Editor's Choice designation from Google Play.

A Mondly subscription can be found in the ScienceAlert Academy for as little as US$39.99.

The allure of a language learning service like Mondly is to help you learn a new language as organically as possible.

To accomplish this, Mondly's conversation-focused curriculum teaches you how to remember keywords and phrases and features a verb conjugator to help you form sentences.

Mondly's speech recognition technology can identify keywords and phrases from your speech and will reward you if you when spoken correctly.

While speech recognition technology is great, but there's no better way to learn a language than to converse with native speakers.

Mondly employs professional voice actors to help users learn pronunciation, which can make the difference between a novice and seasoned speaker.

Mondly lifetime subscriptions typically run for US$240, US$720, and US$1,200 for 1 language, 3 languages, and 5 languages respectively.

Mondly offers lessons in 33 of the world's most popular languages and 5-language subscribers may choose which they'd like to learn.

All three subscriptions are currently being offered on ScienceAlert Academy for a massive discount; in fact, a 5 language lifetime subscription to Mondly currently runs for US$69.99, or less than the regular price of a single language subscription.

Want to learn a new language? Check out Mondly now.