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Today's Deal: Power Your Home With Clean Energy And Save Money With Arcadia Power

2 OCT 2018

Climate change may very well be the greatest threat our species has ever faced, partly because its effects span far beyond a simple rise in global temperatures - from rising sea levels to the recent surge in tropical storms, pretty much every fact of life on our planet is being affected.

When it comes to the causes of climate change, the finger has long been pointed at humans and our production of greenhouse gases.

In fact, last year, even the US Government released a climate assessment report that suggests climate change is driven almost entirely by human action, and cautions that the sea-level could rise as high as eight feet by 2100.

We all know we could do more, particularly when it comes to powering our own homes. But most of us don't have the ability to throw on solar panels and live off grid - either because we can't afford it, the technology isn't available in our area, or we don't own our own homes.

That's where innovative new US company Arcadia Power comes into play - giving renters and home owners the ability to power their home with green energy, saving as much as 30% on their energy bill.


Here's how it works: Arcadia Power connects US energy users to an online platform. When you can connect your utility bill, you're given access to low cost clean energy programs.

Arcadia Power partners with green electricity suppliers, pulled primarily from wind farms - the primary currency of the green power market.

Once you connect to the platform, Arcadia Power monitors the energy market in your area, and pulls the lowest rates from local suppliers to ensure that you consistently get access to the least expensive rates available to you.

The free Price Alerts system lets you know when there's a better option available to you - but you can opt-out any time, without worrying about cancellation fees or getting locked into an expensive contract. You get an email with your new rate and estimated yearly savings — so at the end of the day, you get a combination of offers and solutions, ranging from wind power, to community solar and price alerts.

Plus, the whole process is simple and continuous: as long as you're connected to the Arcadia Power energy platform, you're sent new plans once there's a price drop for a better solution in your area, which you can opt-in for or not. And once your contract expires, Price Alerts runs the whole process again.

Best of all, you can sign up for free right now. And with more than 150,000 members already, the company has negotiating power to get the cheapest access to clean power possible.

Sign up through ScienceAlert and you'll automatically have $20 added to your account to pay for your new clean energy.

Sign up here.

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