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ScienceAlert Deal: Turn Your Smartphone Into a Professional Camera For Just US$26

4 DEC 2018

Whether you're a professional vlogger or a smartphone photographer, it always pays to have the latest and greatest smartphone with a strong sensor and image processing software.

If you're well versed in photography, you can take stunning social media-worthy shots without the need for professional equipment.

Unfortunately, even top-of-the-line smartphones have limitations. If you don't want to shell out thousands on professional equipment, but still want to get the most out of your smartphone, you can buy the RevolCam for only US$25.50 with the code MERRY15.

The RevolCam is a multi-lens attachment made specifically for smartphone enthusiasts. It features a compact, lightweight design and a universal clip that allows you to attach it to any smartphone, regardless of its thick or if it's wearing a case.

The revolving lens design allows you to switch between three lenses - wide angle, fisheye, and macro - seamlessly. Additionally, the RevolCam includes an LED light that can adjust from 4800K to 5200K brightness.

The light is detachable and magnetic, so you can remove it and prop it on a metal object for better angle lighting.

Finally, a selfie mirror can be found underneath the detachable light slot, so you can take selfies with your higher resolution rear-facing camera instead of the front-facing camera

Each lens is suited for different types of photos. The wide angle lens is ideal for capturing a subject in a wide shot, such as a model in front of a background or a plate of food on a table.

The fisheye lens is great if you want to capture distorted landscapes or goofy pictures with your friends.

Finally, the macro lens is perfect for tiny details such as flora or jewelry.

The RevolCam is every selfie-fan and smartphone photographer's dream, and you can frequently find it on sale for US$34.99 However, this 49% off deal on ScienceAlert Academy drops the price even further to US$25.50 with the code MERRY15 at checkout.

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