signe dean

Signe Dean is the Managing Editor of ScienceAlert. Her sharp news sense, stringent editorial standards, and passion for all things science shape the site’s daily coverage for millions of readers across the globe.

Her science reporting and radio features have appeared in Australian Geographic, National Geographic Australia, SBS Radio, Science Illustrated, and elsewhere. She was the launch editor of SBS Science at one of Australia’s national broadcasting companies, and began freelancing for ScienceAlert in 2015 before joining the site full-time in 2017.

Signe is an accomplished public speaker with appearances at the IQ2 Debate Sydney, Australian Science Communicators conference, National Young Writers' Festival, Byron Bay Writers' Festival, Australian National Skeptic Convention, and more. She holds a Masters in Cognitive Science from the University of Edinburgh.

Born and raised in Latvia, Signe currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. She adores animals (especially cats), voraciously reads sci-fi, and loves hanging upside down in an aerial hoop.

Twitter: @nevertoocurious

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