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Stone River Is Offering Lifetime Access to Their Tech Training Library For Just $59

10 OCT 2018

A sharp mind is constantly learning, whether it's for a new hobby or a freelance side-hustle.

The best part about learning something you're passionate about online, is that you can learn at your own pace rather than stick to a structured curriculum; with a lifetime membership to Stone River eLearning, you can continue your education for only US$59.

Stone River eLearning offers courses dedicated to all things tech. You can learn about SQL, the Adobe Suite, 2D game development, and many more valuable professional tools.

They have extensive resources on coding, so you can learn essential languages like Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and many more. With a lifetime membership, you'll have access to all 170 of Stone River's courses across 2,000 hours of content.

Lifetime memberships also come with additional perks such as unlimited free certification exams, personal guidance on what to learn, and a 1-year subscription to CodeMag.

Whether you're just looking to stay ahead of the curve or you want to change your career entirely, Stone River can help. You can sign up for a lifetime subscription to Stone River eLearning through ScienceAlert Academy for US$59, or over 99% off.

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