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Kilian Schoönberger

There's a Forest in Poland Filled With Crooked Trees, And No One Can Explain Why

This belongs in a Grimm's fairy tale.

1 JAN 2016

Deep in the woods of the West Pomerania region of Poland, an entire section of trees bends at sharp angles near their bases, forming an odd and entrancing phenomenon known as 'The Crooked Forest'.


Why do the trees bend like this? No one is quite sure. Some have theorised that harsh weather conditions made them this way. Others have said that man-made development uprooted the trees.

Landscape photographer Kilian Schoönberger shared some of his photos of the forest, as well as the folklore surrounding it.



According to Schoönberger and the region's oral tradition, the trees were planted around the year 1930. During that time, and throughout World War II, Germans controlled the area.

To this day, there are rumours that some type of human-made method or technique was used to cause the strange shapes of the trees - although it's not clear what purpose that would have served.




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